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I will try to get your pictures posted soon after receiving them.

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Photo Number 1
The following photo was sent in by Joseph R. Ellis. To contact Joe, click on the mail link or visit his web site listed below or on the CRITICS CORNER page.

Photo Summary:
It's a '72 Ovation Breadwinner (that's the original owner's manual in the picture). According to the manual, this was the first solid body on the market (at that time) with a built-in pre-amp. It does have a pretty good tone range. Quoting the manual: "With our FET pre-amplifier, you enyoy a myriad of possible tone and volume change effects with no volume loss when changing from bass to treble." It also has a notch filter that you can switch in for even more tonal variations. I guess it was pretty high-tech in 1972. I had to replace a noisy FET on the circuit board about 12 years ago (it was bad when I bought the guitar used in the early 80's). The other FET sounds like it may need changing, now (it gives fits of noise on occasion).
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Web Site:Joe Cool Guitars

Posted April 20, 1998

Photo Number 2
The following photo was sent in by Michael Westlund.

Photo Summary:
It's a Harmony Rocket, ca. 1965 (f-fole) and was his first electric guitar. This guitar is a real classic that many beginners got their start with. Mike is a part time musician who jams with his band, has recorded a CD, and has a lot of fun!

Thanks to Mike for allowing us to post his photo!

Posted June 23, 1998

Photo Number 3
The following photo was sent in by PAUL, PAL

Photo Summary:
This Strat is unusual. It's a Squire Strat that was made in America. It was made June of 1992 and it has a hot tex-mex pickup sound.

Thanks to Paul for sending this photo to post in the Photo Gallery!

Posted September 27, 1998

Photo Number 4
The following photos were sent in by Teddy Maricq.

Photo Summary:
I'm a blues & roots singer from Wavre (Belgium)...Here is a photo of my (Manchester England handmade) Gordon Smith GS II ! It looks like a sort of LP Special but with important changes : thinner and not so heavy as the LP, split pick-ups, scalopped neck at the 12th fret, while playing a lot on Strats, this guitar is my favorite. It seems to be a late seventies model.

The Gordon Smith is my favorite axe but here is the Beast... a 94 Blue Fender Strato Standard with serious changes from the original version ... mappleneck with 22 jumbo frets and small Schaller mecanics, tortoise shell pickguard, 2 vintages 62 Fender pick-ups and a DiMarzio small coil humbucking, blocked tremolo... and this surfing blue finish. The second Strato is a Squier (Japan) Hank Marvin Fiesta red from 1992 !
See our site at the address below:
Thanks for publishing and Bluesy Greetings from Teddy !
Teddy & Co. (Teddy Maricq):
Web Site:

Thanks to Teddy for sending this photo to post in the Photo Gallery!

Posted Sept 2nd & Nov 3rd, 2000

Photo Number 5
The following photos were sent in by Rick Maddeaux.

Photo Summary:
I have a couple of old left handed basses, a 65 Beatle Bass and a 67 Gibson EBO with more powerful pickups installed. Plus a coule of PBass Fenders.

Rick Maddeaux (Rick Maddeaux):

Thanks to Rick for sending his photos to post in the Photo Gallery!

Posted April 26th, 2001

Photo Number 6
The following photos were sent in by Joe Ramagalia.

Photo Summary:

Joe Ramagalia (Joe Ramagalia):

Special thanks to Joe for sending his photos to post in the Photo Gallery!

Posted March 16th, 2002

Photo Number 7
The following photo was sent in by Ron Robertson.

Photo Summary:

Ron Robertson (Ron Robertson):

Special thanks to Ron for sending his photo to post in the Photo Gallery!

Posted October 8th, 2002

Photos Number 8
The following photos were sent in by Dennis Belfi.

Photo Summary:

The SG standard is a 1980, with humbuckers originally without the covers. Itís listed in the Gibson book this way. I bought it for $325 from a friend of mine, I like the way it feels on the fretboard better than the ES335 or the Les Paul that I have. Very easy to play.

The Les Paul Junior is a 1961 in almost perfect condition. I got it from an older woman that came in my shop, seen one of my guitars on display, told me itís been under her bed in the case virtually untouched since the mid 60ís. All she wanted was $300 bucks, so I stole that baby! I bechta she thinks she got the better deal.

The ES 335 is the guitar I really wanted, sounds great! itís a 1981, bought it from a guy who deals with vintage guitars in Haledon, NJ. This one didnít come cheap, but was worth the $1,600 to me.

Finally the Guild acoustic/electric shallow hollow body, thatís pretty new, I traded my Washburn Acoustic, plus some cash for it. The Washburn was very similar, but the Guild has a nicer action & is very light.
Dennis Belfi

E-mail: (Dennis Belfi):

Special thanks to Dennis for sending his photos to post in the Photo Gallery!

Posted March 3rd, 2003

Thanks to all of you that send pictures for posting!

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