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The two I built are at the (bottom) far right, the TELE and the red SOLIST. The white one I've done some major re-work on... New tuners, pickups and electronics, pickguard, refinish (for the third time, new strap holders and new fixed bridge hardware. My favorite is the RED Epiphone Riviera hollowbody (3rd from the left). The only thing changed on this is the bridge pickup, which is a dual Humbucking pickup with switch for one side or both. It has a great sound, just short of getting feedback, which most hollowbodys are known for.

[Epiphone FT-350]
[Fender 12-string] [Epiphone Riviera] [Ibanez ST-55] [76 Fender Stratocaster] [2001 Ibanez GAX70]
[Teisco (1960's) Japanese] [Soloist Electric] [Cort Les Paul Style] [Telecaster 60's Replica] [Telecaster and Amp] [Les Paul Custom]
From left to right; 1.) Epiphone 6-string Acoustic FT-350 (Approx. 1976); 2.) Fender 12-string Acoustic (Approx. 1979); 3.) Epiphone Riviera f-hole electric hollow body (Aprox. 1975); 4.) Ibanez ST-55 (Approx. 1980); 5.) 76 Fender Strat sunburst; 6.) Ibanez Black GAX70 2001 7.) Teisco 1960's Japanese Electric (modified) 8.) Soloist Electric (I built in 1993); 9.) Cort Les Paul style solidbody (approx. 1990); 10.) Telecaster 1960 replica (I built in 1994); Tele and Fender Princeton Reverb (approx. 1974)and my last purchase in 2007 was this Les Paul Custom Flame Maple


As far as equipment, its come and gone... my main amp right now is a low wattage tube powerhouse. It is a FENDER Princeton Reverb and dates back to the early 70's. I also have a few effects processors in cluding a DigiTech effects processor, a few Mics, some computer recording equipment, and lots of cables.

As far as favorite music to play, I guess my favorites are; Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Joe Jackson (Look Sharp album), all 50's, 60's and 70's Rock n Roll; lots of Blues and some 70's POP.

My Wish List

What I like to get next in Guitars would be:

A Rickenbacker 330 or 360
A Gibson Les Paul DC (Double Cut)
A Carvin DC-127 or DC-150 Double Cut
A Fender Vintage tube amp; 100W
... and lots of other accessories to fill up my future home recording studio!

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